Milling a Circuit

Project by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

making a vinyl sticker with your microfactory!

We have always liked a graphic aesthetic - the look of a simple image with a threshold filter - and have been hankering to try our hand at sticker making with the microfactory. This project marries the two, demonstrating the basic process we used to create a pretty awesome decal.

project parts list

  • Adhesive backed vinyl
  • Painter's tape
required bits

to cut the vinyl you will need a spring-loaded drag knife bit

Eagle Speaker Circuit Layout Image By Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

making a sticker

We started with a photograph

Photo of Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

in Photoshop we used the "threshold" feature to simplify it into black and white

Threshold Sticker Image By Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

then we imported the file into a CAD program and exported it in .dxf format

CAD Sticker Image By Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

we used a CAM program to generate our g-code

CAM Sticker Image By Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

before we cut, we mounted a 0.25in thick piece of polypropylene to the microfactory's table. Polypropylene is the material found in many commercial cutting boards and is favored because it is soft (thereby not dulling the blade), slippery enough for the blade to slide (so that it doesn't get stuck) and relatively inexpensive.

the vinyl was attached to the polypropylene using strips of painter's tape along the edges, and the program was loaded on the microfactory

Sticker Screenshot Photo By Rachel Tine

the sticker was cut

Sticker Cutting Photo By Rachel Tine

then we peeled it off and affixed it to a piece of black archival paper

and voila, a finished sticker!

Finished Sticker Photo By Rachel Tine

special thanks to

Rachel Tine - for doing the cool photography