Project by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

custom circuit and enclosure with a microfactory!

Early on during the microfactory's development, one of the projects that got us excited was the idea of doing a custom shaped circuit board with a custom printed project enclosure. This particular one was inspired by valentine's day and is comprised of a circuit with a timing chip which causes our robot "heart" to beat at a life-like 72 beats per minute!

project parts list

  • 555 timer chip
  • 8-pin IC socket
  • 1k resistor
  • second resistor of your choice (will impact flash rate)
  • solder
  • 100uF capacitor
  • NPN transistor
  • flux
  • printed circuit board
required bits

you will need the carbide engraving bit for milling the circuitboard

Eagle Speaker Circuit Layout Image By Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

etching the custom circuit board

first we created a schematic in eagle of the basic heart blinking circuit and then laid out the board on a custom shape.

CAD rendering of dock by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

next we exported the .dxf file from eagle and used cambam to make the tool paths for routing .

CAM rendering of dock by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

Once we were happy with the file we put a blank circuit board on the machine and executed the program )

Image by Rachel Tine

(watch a video of the circuit board milling)

next we soldered all of the components to the board

Image by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

and you can see the finished board blinking

Image by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

making the project enclosure

first we designed the enclosure using CAD software

Image by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

then we used Slic3r to create an additive tool patch in g-code

Image by Jeremy Fryer-Biggs

next we turned on the nozzle and heating bed and let both get up to temperature. Once warm we ran the program

Photo By Rachel Tine

and the part printed layer by layer

Photo By Rachel Tine

(see a short montage video of the enclosure printing)

and voila a custom shaped circuit board with matching custom project enclosure!!

Finished Speaker Photo By Rachel Tine

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